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SWEET ALPAGA offers a wide range of Baby Alpaca wool throws, of incomparable softness, to bring a luxurious touch to your interior, but also to provide you comfort and a feeling of well-being. Baby alpaca wool comes from the fleece of the alpaca, living on the high plateaus of the Andes, at altitudes that can go beyond 4,500 meters. The alpaca living in extreme conditions, the quality of its wool is all the more exceptional : resistant, waterproof, soft, warm, fine and light, it will also have this unique silky side and will be non-allergenic, due to the absence of lanolin in its fiber. What we name Baby Alpaca is the selection of the finest fibers, taken from the softest parts of the alpaca, such as the neck. The alpaca is gently sheared once a year, for its well-being, and in conditions that are not traumatic for the animal.

An alpaca throw will warm up your long winter evenings, or the cool moments in summer. Ideal in a chalet in the mountains, a cozy house in the countryside, or a chic apartment in the city, this luxury throw will always find its place on a sofa, on a beautiful leather armchair, at the foot of the bed. It will also be able to wrap you cosily, like a large shawl, for a unique moment of cocooning.

Choose with confidence a SWEET ALPAGA throw, to please yourself or to offer. For a personalized purchase, do not hesitate to ask us for a gift package. We can also insert a card if you provide us with your text !

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