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Wearing a beanie is not so easy ! Do I have a beanie head, is the wool going to be itchy... Here are the answers to the questions you might ask yourself.

SWEET ALPAGA beanies are knitted from baby alpaca wool, the finest fiber in alpaca. This natural fiber, known as one of the most beautiful in the world, combines unique properties of softness, warmth, lightness and resistance. The micro air bubbles that compose it make it a thermoregulatory material, protecting you well from the cold while letting the body breathe. The absence of lanolin in baby alpaca fiber, on the other hand, will allow it to be supported by the most fragile skins, without risk of allergy. In addition, the alpaca being a fairly elastic fiber, your hat will not deform and will adapt perfectly to the shape of your head.

You can choose here :

  • Alpaca beanie with pompom, very warm and thick. Designed and knitted by hand in Lyon by the designer of SWEET ALPAGA. Its slightly loose shape and its twist will make it a very trendy beanie. If you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • fine alpaca beanie, very soft and light, knitted by Peruvians in the south of Peru. This hat is ideal for city dwellers, or for sports.
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