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Which countries do you ship to ?

Sweet Alpaga ships to the following countries: Metropolitan France (including Corsica), Monaco, Andorra, the countries of the European Union and Switzerland, the countries of eastern Europe, Norway, the Maghreb countries . For all other countries, please contact us.

Please note that for countries outside the European Union, you will have to pay customs duties upon delivery of your package

We entrust the shipment abroad of our products to Colissimo International.


What are your delivery charges ?

Shipping costs are free for France (including Corsica), Monaco and Andorra, from € 65 of order. Below 65 € of purchase, delivery costs are 5 €.

For countries in zone A (European Union and Switzerland), we apply a transport package of 12 €.

For countries in zone B (Eastern Europe, Norway, Maghreb countries), we apply a flat rate of € 15.


How to maintain an alpaca garment ?

The alpaca, like all wools, can be washed perfectly without being damaged. It is even recommended to wash your alpaca garment after having worn it 4 or 5 times, it will only be softer.

But beware, in order not to damage your alpaca clothing, you will have to respect several things. First of all the water temperature must be at the minimum temperature (cold or 20 ° max) for washing as for rinsing. The spin should also be very gentle (400 max).

You can machine wash, if your "delicate" program respects these conditions, otherwise it is better to wash your garment by hand. You must dry it flat, sheltered from the sun, after having previously rolled it in a terry towel to absorb the excess water.


How to maintain my throw or my scarf ?

Alpaca fiber is one of the most resistant of animal fibers. It is also waterproof and therefore naturally resistant to stains.

To keep the dry appearance of woven items such as throws or scarves, the best solution is dry cleaning, which at the same time destroys the mites. Under normal conditions of use, one cleaning per year is sufficient for perfect hygiene.

If you wash your throw or scarf, you should do it at a very low temperature (cold or 20 ° maximum). The fabric will however then change, it will lose its dry appearance, and will have a much more swollen appearance, like all washed items.

Textiles in Alpaca are very resistant to time. With careful maintenance they keep their appearance for years.


How to ask for a gift package ?

For a unique gift you can ask us for personalized packaging. We offer a gift box or a pocket, depending on the size of your purchase; possibility to slip in a card with a personalized message (please send us your text).

Do not hesitate to inform us when placing your order.

This service is offered.