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If you want an alternative to the scarf, while protecting your neck, you can opt for an alpaca snood. The term "snood" is of English origin : the contraction of the words "scarf"  and "hood". This tube-shaped scarf is threaded through the head and worn around the neck.

We prefer an alpaca snood, for the softness of the material, its warmth and lightness. The height of luxury, at SWEET ALPAGA, all our snoods are 100% baby alpaca. The wool will come from the softest parts of the alpaca, such as the neck, and will therefore be non-allergenic because it does not contain lanolin. The must to keep our neck warm !

Our alpaca snood collection is hand knitted by a workshop of Peruvian women. Discover our different models here :

  • Snood Cécilia : an exquisite material for a hand-knitted lace style. Very light, it will protect your neck, and you’ll even be happy to keep it on at home,
  • Snood Anna : the essential accessory for winter, knitted with an alpaca yarn so sparkling that you will never want to remove it ! In case of extreme cold you will not hesitate to do 2 or even 3 neck loops (ideal for cycling or skiing !)
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