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What are the main reasons for wearing an alpaca wool beanie ? A beanie must be warm and protect us from the cold, it must not itch if you want to wear it all day, it must also stay in place if for example you put it on for sports. All these qualities, alpaca wool, with its unique properties, can bring them to you. Our beanies are made by Peruvian knitters from baby alpaca wool, the finest fiber in alpaca, and recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world.

  • Softness : If the alpaca is soft, the "baby alpaca" is luxuriously soft, because it does not contain lanolin as in sheep's wool, and can therefore be worn by the most fragile skins.
  • Warmth and lightness, thermoregulation : the fiber has a micro air bubble which allows it to be protected from the cold and to let the body breathe when it is warmer.
  • Flexibility and resistance : the alpaca wool is soft and silky, the beanie will adapt perfectly to the shape of the head and will hold perfectly in place. The very high resistance of the wool will allow your hat to keep its beautiful appearance year after year.
Choosing a SWEET ALPAGA men's alpaca beanie means giving priority to quality, while bringing you comfort and well-being !
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