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How to offer and use gift vouchers

Offer a gift voucher in a few clicks!

Why do we love these? For the purchase of gifts without headache or for last minute gifts (gift e-vouchers).

1 - Buy a gift e-voucher 

Select the amount you want to offer and simply follow the purchase procedure.

As soon as your order is confirmed (after receipt of your payment), we process your request and prepare a personalized email.
that we return to you. You then have 2 possibilities:
- you print this e-mail, you put it in an envelope and offer it directly to the person of your choice, - you forward this e-mail to the person of your choice. If you want this e-mail to appear the name of the person to whom you intend this e-voucher, you can, when creating your account, specify a name and a delivery address. Or even simpler, you give us a quick phone call to tell us all about it !

2 - Limitation

Gift vouchers are valid for one year after their date of issue.

3 - How to use my gift voucher 

Gift vouchers can only be used to buy products on the website  of SWEET ALPAGA.

The gift vouchers are to be used at once (no remainder possible).

If a purchase exceeds the amount of the gift voucher, the balance may be settled with another means of payment (Paypal or bank card).

Purchases made with the use of a gift voucher are subject to the General Conditions of Sale in force on the site of SWEET ALPAGA.


Happy shopping !