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ALINE Fausse Fourrure and SWEET ALPAGA - New collaboration for handmade and faux fur.

Even though it has been close to my heart for a long time, I have often postponed my plan to give up using real fur for my alpaca beanies. Faux fur has long suffered from a bad image, passing for poor quality, not very ecological and aging badly over time.

But too much is too much ! It became unbearable for me to see the profusion of farms where foxes, rabbits, minks, raccoon dogs ... are raised in cages, in appalling conditions and in contrast to their natural living conditions.

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The snood, I love it !

The snood is a tube-shaped scarf, whose two ends have been connected, and which you put on over your head. It is worn a little loose around the neck and protects the neck and shoulders.

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Buy an eco-responsible alpaca wool sweater

In this article, find all the good reasons to choose an alpaca wool sweater at SWEET ALPAGA.

- The choice of a high-end material with exceptional properties

At SWEET ALPAGA, we prioritize the quality of our collection, and that starts with the choice of an exceptional material that is recognized around the world as one of the most luxurious. Indeed, we knit our sweaters with the most beautiful alpaca yarn, called "baby alpaca", which is the finest alpaca fibers.

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Discover our alpaca throw and its throw holder

What could be more practical than our throw holder to have your alpaca throw close at hand ? So, whether you are traveling, in the car or on a walk, your throw will accompany you everywhere.

Specially designed for SWEET ALPAGA, by a designer from the Lyon, this throw holder is made from beautiful, very supple leather.

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Why choose an alpaca sweater

Back to school must-have : the alpaca sweater is now the ally of any wardrobe, whether chic or casual. A quality mesh, associated with French chic, what better way to liven up the cold days ?

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The alpaca poncho, the essential of any wardrobe !

If you want to be stylish this year, go for an alpaca poncho, the essential accessory for any wardrobe.

Discover our different models :

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Good reasons to choose an alpaca throw for your meditation session

With back to school, you've signed up for yoga classes, and you're wondering what is the best equipment to have.

At the end of the session, when the time comes for relaxation, the body tends to cool down quickly by staying still. To achieve the desired state of relaxation and release nervous tension, the mind needs to calm down without being disturbed by the discomfort of the body. You usually warm your body by covering it with a light throw.

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In winter, never without my alpaca beanie

This year, you thought of everything to protect yourself from the cold, except for the beanie !

If you want a warm one, while being chic and trendy, take a look at Sweet Alpaga ; We offer you hand-knitted beanies in baby alpaca wool, a selection of the finest alpaca fibers. The removable pompom is made of real fur.

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How about a red alpaca throw ?

This Baby Alpaca throw has been carefully selected for its extreme softness.

If the alpaca is soft, the baby alpaca is luxuriously soft. Selected among the finest and softest fibers of the animal, its texture is fine, soft and silky. The absence of lanolin makes it hypoallergenic, so it is tolerated by the most sensitive skins such as those of people allergic to sheep's wool or babies. Pure pleasure !

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What are the spring summer fashion trends ?

To follow the spring summer fashion trend, you should count on colors. Indeed after a season when pastel reigned supreme, our dressing room is being boosted. No more gray mine dreary looks, hello to the spring look !

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