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Grey alpaca beanie

59,00 € each

What could be better than an alpaca beanie ? A "baby alpaca" wool beanie of course !

This wool, recognized as one of the most prestigious in the world, is a selection of the finest alpaca fibers, taken from the softest body parts of the animal.

Raised in freedom on the high plateaus of the Andes, in the south of Peru, at altitudes of more than 4000 meters, the alpaca provides a wool with exceptional qualities : ultra soft, resistant, warm while being light, and also hypoallergenic.

Wearing an alpaca beanie is therefore pure happiness and will bring you comfort and well-being !

Also available in black, light gray and purple.

Knitted in Peru.

Composition : 100% Baby Alpaca

The yarn used by Sweet Alpaga is certified to REACH and OEKO TEX 100 standards. The colors are natural or Azo free.

Unique size

Weight : about 90 gr

Care instructions : Hand wash in cold water