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Pure red alpaca scarf

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If you are attentive to the quality of your outfits, you will undoubtedly be won over by a men's alpaca scarf from SWEET ALPAGA. We have our scarves woven by Peruvian artisans, heirs in very great know-how, and working alpaca wool, the most luxurious fiber in the world with cashmere.

  • fineness and softness of alpaca wool, to envelop you in a feeling of well-being,
  • warmth and lightness, to protect you from the cold without making you sweat,
  • supple and silky for a beautiful, elegant fall,

will make this alpaca scarf a luxury scarf, which will bring to your outfits a touch of elegance.

In a beautiful bright red color, this alpaca scarf can be declined in masculine or feminine.

Woven in Peru.

Composition : 100% Baby Alpaca

Dimensions : 180 x 30 cm

Weight : 132 gr

Care instructions : Dry clean