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Inès - Moss green knitted alpaca scarf

93,00 € each

You want want warmth and softness? Fall for this large baby alpaca wool scarf, knitted in our workshop in the most beautiful of natural fibers.

  • Of exceptional quality, this scarf is particularly pleasant to wear for the lightness of its wool, and its luxuriously soft touch.
  • The fiber "baby alpaca" is one of the most beautiful of natural fibers, taken from the softest parts of the body of the alpaca, is fine and silky, and suitable for the most fragile skins.
  • It is seven times warmer than sheep's wool while being three times lighter.

We have knitted this alpaca scarf so that we have a very light and airy result, which will give it a nice volume and great comfort.

Opt for alpaca wool, the softest and warmest material, which will bring elegance and refinement to any figure!

Composition : 100% Baby Alpaca

Dimensions :  about 170 x 50 cm

Weight : about 150 gr

Care instructions : Hand wash in cold water – Dry flat