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Choosing a scarf is above all about selecting a product that you will wear around the neck, sometimes even directly on the skin. This is why, at SWEET ALPAGA, we take great care in the quality of the materials used to make our scarves. All our scarves are made from 100% Baby Alpaca. In other words, the wool used is the finest of alpaca wool. It comes either from the fleece of the young animal (first shearing), or from the softest parts of the alpaca, such as the neck. Baby Alpaca fiber is rare and has a luxuriously soft touch. Its warmth and lightness make it one of the most beautiful fibers in the world. Our women's alpaca scarf collection consists of :

  • classic alpaca scarf, plain or with herringbone, in fifteen different colors, to be worn in all, occasions.
  • Ernestina scarf: hand woven alpaca scarf. These scarves are made by a women's workshop in Lima. Their texture is of an extreme refinement which makes it an exceptional product,
  • Inès scarf: hand knitted alpaca scarf. Made by Peruvian knitters, our long and twisted Inès scarves are of exceptional quality and warmth. With its modern and relaxed look, this model is very popular with young people.
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