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Red alpaca scarf

Red alpaca scarf
Red alpaca scarfRed alpaca scarfRed alpaca scarf
68,00 € each

Choosing a scarf seems simple, but there are a few criteria to respect !

It must first be pleasant to wear, of a beautiful color, and then age well over time.

This alpaca scarf, offered here in a beautiful red color, will meet all these criteria, and many more ...

  • the softness, warmth and lightness of alpaca wool make it the most comfortable material,
  • waterproof and resistant, with careful maintenance, your alpaca scarf will accompany you for many years,
  • the dyes used to make our scarves are certified without azo products harmful to health.

So go ahead with your eyes closed, and choose a luxury SWEET ALPAGA scarf !

Woven in Peru.

Composition : 100% Baby Alpaca

Dimensions : 180 x 30 cm

Weight : 132 gr

Care instructions : Dry clean