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Rosewood alpaca scarf

Rosewood alpaca scarf
Rosewood alpaca scarfRosewood alpaca scarfRosewood alpaca scarf
68,00 € each

Softness of materials and colors, this is our priority for this alpaca wool scarf.

  • Softness of the material, because this alpaca scarf is made of baby alpaca, the selection of the softest fibers of the alpaca. It will also be light, silky and supple, and will give you a soft warmth, insulating you well from the cold.
  • Soft color, in a pretty rosewood shade, feminine and delicate, to give elegance to your outfit.

We fall for a SWEET ALPAGA scarf, luxury at your fingertips !

Gift bag offered on request !

Woven in Peru.

Composition : 100% Baby Alpaca

Dimensions : 180 x 130 cm

Weight : 132 gr

Care instructions: Dry clean