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At SWEET ALPAGA, we favor comfort while being elegant and ethical. We offer a collection of sweaters in a 100% natural material, "baby alpaca" yarn. If the alpaca is soft, the baby alpaca is luxuriously soft, because it is the selection of the finest fibers, taken from the softest parts of the alpaca. Without lanolin, it will be non-allergenic, and can therefore be worn directly on the skin.

Softness, warmth, lightness, finesse, thermoregulation, resistance, flexibility ... these are the words that characterize this fiber with exceptional properties.

A timeless cut, clean lines, limited series, beautiful colors ... these are the words that characterize our collection.

Choosing an alpaca sweater is above all about being touched by an exquisite material, then by a style. We present here different models :

  • Fine alpaca sweater : knitted with a very thin and light thread, barely transparent, this 100% baby alpaca sweater will be extremely light and can be worn in summer and winter
  • Double-sided or extra large alpaca sweater : knitted with a slightly thicker 100% baby alpaca yarn, this very comfortable and relaxed sweater will wrap you in softness.
  • Alpaca turtleneck sweater : pure softness to be warm and enveloped in well-being !

We use alpaca yarn from Peru for our sweaters. Our yarn is guaranteed free of azo chemicals harmful to health.

Our models are designed and knitted in Lyon- France.

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150,00 € each Pearl gray alpaca tank top 2 items in stock Add to cart
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