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Sweet Alpaga ... a responsible company

Sweet Alpaga, specialist in alpaca wool textile products, pays particular attention to the choice of its partners and has selected eco and socially responsible weavers in Peru.

First of all, the Peruvian heritage is rich and the art of textiles there are very old ; 6000 years ago, the alpaca was already bred for the softness and quality of its fleece. Rural communities, living in the Andean highlands, between 3000 and 5000 meters, have raised alpacas for generations, and produce alpaca wool of the finest quality. The herds are raised there according to ancestral traditions, the climate and the vegetation of the Andes contributing to the quality of the wool. There are 24 natural colors in the alpaca, from white to black, including beige, brown and gray. The bright colors, very popular in Peru, are obtained from desert plants. Alpaca wool is therefore a 100% natural fiber. By supporting Andean shepherds and their families, Sweet Alpaga participates in the pursuit of these ancestral traditions.

Sweet Alpaga has also selected partners who are committed to participating in the education of children from these local communities. When we visit the farms of the highlands, we can see the reality of the way of life of the Andean peoples and their children. The difficulty for the children of this region to access education is immense. In fact, most of them have to walk between two and three hours a day to reach their school and then return home, and quite often with cold, rain or snow. This is why Peruvian companies, through associations, have had the idea of ​​building boarding schools, where children are welcomed from Monday to Friday, and can thus improve their level of education and their living conditions. , without losing their origins and identity. Sweet Alpaga's philosophy is to work with those companies that support these projects.

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