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How to take care of my alpaca wool throw

You have you recently purchased an alpaca wool throw, and you want to maintain it in the best conditions, without damaging it, and keeping all this fiber's properties ? You can follow the tips below.


First of all, you should know that alpaca wool is an exceptional fiber :

  • its luxuriously soft feel, as well as its finesse and lightness, make alpaca wool one of the most beautiful fibers in the world,
  • the extreme living conditions of the alpaca, on the highlands of the Andes, at altitudes above 4000 meters, make this fiber known as one of the most resistant animal fibers,
  • the best alpaca wool comes from southern Peru, in the Arequipa region, and is renowned for its quality and strength,
  • it is also waterproof and is therefore naturally stain resistant


Some principles to remember when washing any woolen item :

  • use cold water, but not ice cold - maximum 20 degrees,
  • use a detergent or a mild shampoo, without fabric softener which will tend to unnecessarily soften the wool,
  • wash and rinse at the same temperature, to avoid thermal shock, and at the same time felting the wool.


Our recommendations for maintaining your alpaca wool throw :

  • Under these conditions, it is therefore quite possible to wash a woolen item, it will not shrink. But you should know that when washing a wool product, it will, thanks to the washing, find a lot of "swelling". And this can be quite appreciated, or even recommended for a knitted item.
  • On the other hand, for a woven article, such as an alpaca throw, whose appearance is rather dry and silky, even delicate washing will change its appearance ; it will become foamy and the fiber will tend to swell.
  • The best maintenance for your alpaca wool throw is therefore dry cleaning, which at the same time destroys dust mites. Under normal conditions of use, one cleaning per year is sufficient for perfect hygiene.

Alpaca wool textiles are very resistant to time. They're tough, and with careful maintenance, your alpaca throw will keep its look and feel for years to come. So, no hesitation !

To discover our collection, go to the "alpaca throw" section of our website and do not hesitate to indulge yourself ! Note that an alpaca throw will bring a touch of refinement to your interior, but can also be worn on the shoulders, during a chilly evening.

 So see you soon !


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