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Buy an eco-responsible alpaca wool sweater

In this article, find all the good reasons to choose an alpaca wool sweater at SWEET ALPAGA.

- The choice of a high-end material with exceptional properties

At SWEET ALPAGA, we prioritize the quality of our collection, and that starts with the choice of an exceptional material that is recognized around the world as one of the most luxurious. Indeed, we knit our sweaters with the most beautiful alpaca yarn, called "baby alpaca", which is the finest alpaca fibers.

The fineness of the yarn obtained will be comparable to that of cashmere, but with a much higher resistance, which will prevent it from pilling. To this finesse is added the softness of alpaca wool, as well as its warmth. Seven times warmer than sheep's wool, alpaca wool will be much lighter. It is also thermoregulatory thanks to the tiny air bubbles found on the fiber ; it can thus be worn in any season. 

- The pleasure of wearing an alpaca wool sweater, 100% natural and ecological

Alpaca wool is an ecological wool. Alpacas are raised on the high plateaus of the Andes Cordilleras, in small farms belonging to shepherd families ; Here, there is no intensive breeding ; alpacas live in freedom and feed on the vegetation of the Andes. The very great diversity of colors in the alpaca (about 24) allows to obtain beautiful and solid natural shades (from white to black, including all shades of beige, brown, gray). To obtain other colors, natural dyes such as desert plants are often used, or dyes that respect the environment and are guaranteed to be azo free. All the yarns we use are certified in accordance with REACH and OEKO TEX 100 standards.


- The ethical values ​​of a French brand

At SWEET ALPAGA, we attach great importance to people, and to the way our collection is made. We select our partners, wool producers, weavers or knitters by respecting certain values : work paid at its fair value, small workshops allowing Peruvian women to work from home to be able to take care of their children, partners participating in education programs for young children. All of our woven pieces are made directly in southern Peru, without any other intermediary. Our knitted collection is designed and produced in Lyon - France, in small series.

- A collection made to last

We prefer to offer you a classic chic collection, which you can wear in any circumstance, rather than give in to the temptation of clothes that are changed every year. With proper care, your alpaca sweater will last for years ! To learn more about caring for your alpaca wool sweater, you can read our blog post on this topic : how to care for your alpaca sweater. Our collection, refined and easy to wear, evolves according to our desires, but also to exchanges with our customers. You can choose a large X-tra sweater, round or V neck or turtleneck, thin slightly transparent sweater, long jacket with shawl collar or wrap jacket. All our models are very fluid thanks to the flexibility and silky feel of alpaca wool. You will also appreciate all the ways to wear an alpaca wool poncho with elegance and a relaxed look.

Now that you know the reasons for choosing a SWEET ALPAGA item, do not hesitate to discover our collection of alpaca sweaters, jackets and ponchos.

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