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Good reasons to choose an alpaca throw for your meditation session

With back to school, you've signed up for yoga classes, and you're wondering what is the best equipment to have.

At the end of the session, when the time comes for relaxation, the body tends to cool down quickly by staying still. To achieve the desired state of relaxation and release nervous tension, the mind needs to calm down without being disturbed by the discomfort of the body. You usually warm your body by covering it with a light throw.

At Sweet Alpaga, we offer generously sized throws to wrap you up well, in Baby Alpaca wool, soft, warm and light.

We prefer an alpaca throw, an entirely natural material, different from synthetic materials, which breathe less well and in which we sweat more easily. Alpaca fiber is made up of micro air bubbles, which capture the body's temperature while letting it breathe. Plus, unlike fleece, an alpaca throw does not create static electricity. It is supple and silky. It is also three times lighter than sheep's wool, while being much warmer. Its luxuriously soft touch brings comfort during meditation and well-being for relaxation.

Let yourself be enveloped by the softness of an alpaca throw, available in pure white or other natural colors, for extreme comfort !