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How to be stylish when it's cold ?

One of the essential rules for not being cold ? Select your material, alpaca wool of course !

This season wool comes in all its forms. Do you think it itches ? In fact it all depends on the quality you choose. Alpaca is an incredibly soft and warm material, and on the trendy side, at the forefront of fashion.

The quality of the fiber depends on the way the animal is raised. I have selected the finest quality for you, Baby Alpaga, carefully prepared by Peruvian producers, who work with respect for ancestral traditions and the environment. Baby Alpaca is a selection of the finest fibers of the Alpaca.

To wrap your neck, there's nothing like a soft, light, warm and hypoallergenic scarf. See our collection.

To protect yourself from the wind and avoid having straight hair on your head, opt for a soft little white beanie, which will give your outfit a trendy chic look.