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What are the spring summer fashion trends ?

To follow the spring summer fashion trend, you should count on colors. Indeed after a season when pastel reigned supreme, our dressing room is being boosted. No more gray mine dreary looks, hello to the spring look !

Among the trends, there are vibrant colors that are making a comeback : orange and pink - tangy but above all not fluorescent - will be waiting for you. Flattering and optimistic these two colors unfold in all their facets to feminize our wardrobe. While we are still a little pale at the end of winter, they will give us good looks.

With the arrival of the hippie chic trend, purple is in the spotlight, it is THE color of the moment. For the sake of elegance and purity, we will associate it with black or a touch of leather for a more rock'n roll silhouette. Sweet Alpaga has selected an ultraviolet, racy and elegant ; to test absolutely.

And finally, if you've been missing greenery all winter, rest assured, green sets the tone for spring. On the fashion side, it comes in all its forms : almond, pistachio, emerald or Veronese green, it's new at Sweet Alpaga ... a palette of chlorophyll colors that give pep ! To use without moderation.

Cheerfulness is the key word in the spring summer collection, and we love it !

Discover here our collection of baby alpaca and silk stoles, for all your spring outfits !

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