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Why choose an alpaca sweater

Back to school must-have : the alpaca sweater is now the ally of any wardrobe, whether chic or casual. A quality mesh, associated with French chic, what better way to liven up the cold days ?

The choice of fiber is first of all essential when you want to choose a beautiful sweater, and now, a quality knit can also rhyme with "ethical brand". So what are the good reasons to invest in an alpaca basic ? Alpaca fiber is a high-end natural fiber ; its main qualities are softness, lightness, resistance and above all a recognized thermal insulating power. The micro air bubbles in the fiber allow the body to breathe in hot weather, but also to trap body heat in cold weather. These unique properties of alpaca wool therefore make it possible to design very high quality clothing, which can be worn in summer or winter.

Finally, the colors of alpaca wool are very numerous, they range from white to black, including all shades of gray, brown ... In all, we have listed no less than 24 completely natural colors. For the dyes, the alpaca wool producers selected for the making of our SWEET ALPAGA sweaters use natural dyes such as desert plants. Something to satisfy all of someone’s desires, giving priority to an ethical brand !

You can very well opt for a classic and ultra light model, with a V-neck such as the fine sweater offered by SWEET ALPAGA, or for a comfortable and relaxed model that will accompany you in all circumstances without getting bored. But we can also bet on a feminine version that will allow you to subtly reveal yourself with our Recto Verso sweater.

Are you tempted ? Then discover here our new collection of alpaca sweaters. All our models are designed and produced in Lyon - France.