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The benefits of maca, a super food from Peru !

Do you know maca, this super food from Peru ?

Maca owes its name to two contiguous Quechua words : MA which means "grown in the mountains" and CA for "fortifying food". This word says a lot about its origin and its use...

It was discovered during archaeological excavations in Peru, that the cultivation of maca dates back several millennia, when Indian peoples lived in the highlands of the Andes. This plant, which looks more like a turnip, thrives perfectly in extreme conditions, at an altitude of over 4000 meters, and has been cultivated for more than 4 millennia for the richness of its tuber. It was then cultivated as food and eaten cooked like the sweet potato. Dried and turned into powder, it could also be used as a food base.

Maca was later considered a sacred plant by the Inca upper classes. Due to its energetic and fortifying virtues, the most distinguished warriors were rewarded in battles to enable them to excel. The Inca civilization also recognized its aphrodisiac virtues and used it to optimize male virility, but also fertility in women. It was also used for a long time as a currency of exchange against other foodstuffs.

Also known as Peruvian ginseng, we now know that maca also hides many secrets. Very rich in proteins (about 15%), it is an effective tonic to fight against physical fatigue and many athletes swear by it ; it allows faster recovery and strengthens the muscular system.

It also acts on the nervous system. Consumed regularly, maca helps reduce anxiety and balance moods. It is therefore a super food, perfect for people who are stressed, overworked, depressed or suffering from sleep disorders.

Hormonal regulator, it acts during the pre-menopause period on women who may have particularly uncomfortable disorders, this is also the case in men at the time of andropause. It also acts on the lactation process of the woman who has just given birth.

Excellent for the elderly, maca also stimulates memory, strengthens the skeleton of people at risk of osteoporosis.

If the miracle plant existed, then it could be compared to maca. Its countless powers make it one of the most extraordinary plants in the world !

maca du Pérou