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Alpaca wool, one of the best fibers in the world

Alpaca wool is the result of natural selection.

The Alpacas live in the highlands of the Andes - the Altiplano, at altitudes that can exceed 4000 meters.

The temperature can vary between -20 and +30 degrees during the same day, they have a fleece that protects them from the cold, but also which allows them to sweat without getting wet. These climatic conditions are a guarantee of the quality of the wool.

Alpaca wool is a very high-end fiber, softer, warmer, more resistant and lighter than sheep's wool or cashmere. It is recognized internationally as one of the finest and most luxurious fibers in the world.

For all these reasons, we offer you an exclusive collection in baby alpaca, for the home and for fashion, to discover on our e-boutique.