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New - Kits snoods and beanies in Baby Alpaca

Notice to knitters ! New section: Knitting !

Many of you have asked us, for a few days now, on our website, you can find Kits to make yourself our Baby Alpaca twisted wool beanie. In these Kits, we offer you the detailed knitting sheet as well as the Baby Alpaca yarn for making the beanie. You can find faux fur pompoms, in multiple colors, which you can buy in haberdashery. You can also make your own pompom with the rest of the yarn.

So, if you want to be warm this winter and knit yourself an alpaca beanie, luxury version, go to our page "Snoods and beanies kits". Our offer will grow over time, with models that are easy and quick to knit.

Our yarn : For the realization of our alpaca beanie, we offer 100% Baby Alpaca balls, the most luxurious and softest of yarns. We call it "Baby Alpaca" because we select the fiber on the softer parts of the body, such as the neck. Our wool comes from alpacas raised in the highlands of the Andes, in southern Peru. The alpaca's extreme living conditions, as well as its diet, based on the vegetation of the Andes, make it a unique fiber with exceptional properties : softness, warmth, lightness, resistance. This fiber is also hypoallergenic and can therefore be supported by the most fragile skins. It is therefore ideal for making a beanie, which will not scratch.