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Warmth and softness of alpaca wool

In 100% Baby Alpaca quality, selected from the finest fibers of the animal (generally on the softest parts such as the neck), SWEET ALPAGA yarns are available in a range of completely natural colors : white, sand, rye, slate, black...

Available in balls of 50 g and knitting with needles of 3 or 4, for a fine and light work, our yarns are easily double knitted, with larger needles, to give volume and even more softness.

Alpaca wool is an exceptional product and one of the softest fibers in the world. Seven times warmer than sheep's wool, it is three times lighter. Hypoallergenic, it is appreciated by the most fragile skins.

So don't hesitate, opt this year for the warmth and softness of alpaca yarn, and discover our selection of alpaca yarn balls  !