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Young mother, knit soft layette for your baby

Young mother, do you know Baby Alpaca wool ?

This extremely soft fiber is recommended for babies' skin, which is very fragile.

Indeed it is selected from the finest fibers of the Alpaca and is extracted from certain parts of its body, such as the neck. In addition, the absence of lanolin makes this fiber hypoallergenic. It does not itch and is therefore tolerated by the most fragile of skins, such as that of people allergic to sheep's wool, or babies' skin.

Unlike synthetic fibers which insulate from the cold but do not regulate humidity, Baby Alpaca wool protects well from the cold, allows air to circulate while eliminating excess humidity.

A small child who has eczema or who is allergic to dust mites can therefore easily wear Baby Alpaca layettes, or sleep with a small Alpaca throw. This quality will naturally bring them well-being and health by retaining body heat, while letting their body breathe.

So don't hesitate, you can knit for baby, it's easy !

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