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Black alpaca yarn

Black alpaca yarn
Black alpaca yarnBlack alpaca yarnBlack alpaca yarn
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Alpaca yarn comes from the annual shearing of the alpaca, a South American camelid living in freedom on the Andean highlands, at altitudes that can exceed 4000 meters. The animal's extreme living conditions give its wool unique properties of heat, resistance and impermeability.

At Sweet Alpaga, we have chosen to offer you the superior quality of this fiber, called "Baby Alpaga". This is the selection of fibers located on the softest parts of the alpaca, such as the neck. The result is a fiber of great finesse, with a luxuriously soft touch, and of great lightness.

This prestigious wool can be worn without fear by the most fragile skins, such as babies.

Offered here in black, this 100% natural yarn will have a unique look.

Available in other all-natural shades.

Composition : 100% Baby Alpaca

Presentation : Each ball of 50 gr is approximately 113 meters

Needles : N ° 3 to 4

Maintenance tips : Dry clean - Hand wash in cold water

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