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Are you looking for soft, natural wool that you can wear without risk of allergy ? Then our Baby Alpaca yarns balls are for you.

The alpaca is a South American camelid, living on the high plateaus of the Andes, at altitudes that can exceed 4000 meters, and in extreme conditions. It has been bred for thousands of years for the quality of its fleece with which has exceptional properties. In pre-Incan cultures, alpaca wool was reserved for royalty, it was called "the fiber of the Gods".

Here we offer you wool balls of 100% baby alpaca yarn, the superior quality of alpaca wool. These are fibers from the first shearing of the alpaca or the selection of the finest fibers, taken from the softest parts of the body such as the neck. The alpaca is soft, but the baby alpaca is luxuriously soft. Seven times warmer than sheep's wool and three times lighter, you’ll find it soft and silky to touch, and will have a magnificent fall. It can be worn in any season because of its micro air bubbles contained in its fiber, which make it thermoregulatory. Without lanolin, it will be non-allergenic and can be worn by the most fragile skin, such as that of babies.

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