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Eggplant alpaca scarf

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To accessorize a chic outfit, or to bring a touch of elegance to a more casual look, we can’t help but choose  a men's alpaca scarf and we choose a rare material, the baby alpaca. The unique properties of alpaca wool make this material a unique fiber :

  • we select from the alpaca fibers, the finest and softest fibers, this is called "baby alpaca",
  • the fineness of the fiber does not prevent it from being extremely hot, without suffocating, it lets the body breathe,
  • the alpaca wool, silky and flexible will have a beautiful elegant and fluid fall.

In ultra chic and trendy purple, this luxury scarf will harmonize perfectly with black or gray.

Woven in Peru.

Composition : 100% Baby Alpaca

Dimensions : 180 x 30 cm

Weight : 132 gr

Care instructions : Dry clean