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Choosing an alpaca scarf is above all to give priority to the quality of a high-end natural material with a luxuriously soft touch. For you gentlemen, here we offer a collection of alpaca scarves, carefully made by our weaving partners in southern Peru, heirs to ancestral know-how and respectful of the environment, people and animals.

To make our scarves, we use the baby alpaca fiber, the finest and softest fiber in the alpaca. This fiber, known as one of the most beautiful in the world, has unique properties :

- Warm while being light, the men's alpaca scarf is perfect to wear in cold weather as well as in mid-season.

- Soft and silky, it will have an elegant drape, and will perfectly match a classy or casual outfit.

- Non allergenic, it can be worn without risk on the most fragile skin.

- The colors are mostly natural, due to the very wide variety of natural colors of the alpaca (not less than 24 !) And the dyes used are certified without harmful azo products.

Indispensable accessory of winter, our men's alpaca scarf will bring you comfort and well-being, and will be worn with happiness !

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