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What are the spring summer fashion trends ?

To follow the spring summer fashion trend, you should count on colors. Indeed after a season when pastel reigned supreme, our dressing room is being boosted. No more gray mine dreary looks, hello to the spring look !

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This winter, don't head out without a warm beanie

Soon the winter holidays ; coming to us snow flakes, negative temperatures and blizzard ! Impossible to step outside with your head uncovered, so to fight the cold in style, protect yourself with a chic and warm beanie from Sweet Alpaga.

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How to be stylish when it's cold ?

One of the essential rules for not being cold ? Select your material, alpaca wool of course !

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The fashion trend : dare pink!

Again in the fashion trends, pink is available on all fronts.

All pinks are admitted and whether bright or pastel, it is a hymn to femininity.

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The alpaca throw, trendy decorative accessory

For the decoration of the house, the alpaca throw is the beautiful accessory par excellence, trendy today but which will remain elegant tomorrow.

Chic in a living room, thrown on the sofa or on an armchair, comfortable to curl up in, warm and cosy.

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It's starting to get chilly, musn’t forget my alpaca beanie !

The cold and the freezing wind has arrived ; it's time to choose your beanie for the coming months.

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How to choose a quality wool ?

In this article, find the different types of wool, as well as some advice for choosing a wool that offers you the properties you are looking for, while respecting your values.

Wool, a natural and ecological fiber, is our material of choice for a comfortable and quality garment. The right criteria for choosing a wool are different for each person ; It is therefore important to know a little more about the characteristics of each wool in order to make your choice in an informed and often more responsible way. Be careful, for example, of inexpensive or scratchy wools, as well as the conditions of animal husbandry and shearing.

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New - Kits snoods and beanies in Baby Alpaca

Notice to knitters ! New section: Knitting !

Many of you have asked us, for a few days now, on our website, you can find Kits to make yourself our Baby Alpaca twisted wool beanie. In these Kits, we offer you the detailed knitting sheet as well as the Baby Alpaca yarn for making the beanie. You can find faux fur pompoms, in multiple colors, which you can buy in haberdashery. You can also make your own pompom with the rest of the yarn.

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Alpaca, an extraordinary fiber

The alpaca (or Lama Pacos), is the cousin of the Lama, Guanacos and Vigogne (who lives in the wild). It is one of the most beautiful South American camelids.

Alpaca has been sought after and appreciated for its wool since the time of pre-Inca cultures, due to the exceptional properties and quality of its fleece. There are two types of alpaca : Huacayo and Suri.

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Warmth and softness of alpaca wool

In 100% Baby Alpaca quality, selected from the finest fibers of the animal (generally on the softest parts such as the neck), SWEET ALPAGA yarns are available in a range of completely natural colors : white, sand, rye, slate, black...

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